Our Approach to Creating Videos for Business

Utilize video in your business.  What you’ve tried to tell people with words we plan on telling them with pictures in motion.

About Us

Jon Boes

Jon studied and specialized in film and editing at Grand Valley State University. Jon is the attention to detail guy, and as a result Deep End Films is one of the premier film companies in the Midwest. He is persistent with the task at hand and strives to make the shot or scene work to its fullest potential. He will see the project through to the finest finish. Jon is also fluent behind the camera work, as well.

Ben Wilke

Ben studied film and theater at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. Ben has been behind the camera for over 15 years and has been at the helm of Deep End Films since 2006. His creative force and innovative ideas have propelled DEF into the premier and fast-growing company it is today. Specializing in creative ideas, line producing and editing, he has a well-rounded background which allows him to guide the project from start to finish.

Our History Creating Videos

Deep End Films was formed in 2006 in the state of Michigan with one goal; To provide clients with a creative and professional product. We strive to make our client’s efforts; whether it be it an event, commercial work or independent projects, look better on screen than it did on paper.

Deep End Films is progressive in its commitment to remain both innovative and state of the art in all areas of production, client communication, and final deliverable options. We use state of the art DSLR and RED cameras which give our products an industry leading look and feel. We edit on several high-end production machines allowing us to create a final product matching needs in today’s ever-changing digital marketplace; be it DVD, BlueRay, Internet/web material, or broadcast productions.

At Deep End Films, we strive to serve our clients by continuing to push the boundaries of quality and creativity in everything we do. Some of the clients we’ve had the privilege of serving include: Spectrum Health, Amway, UPS, Amazon, Dannon, Dell, American Airlines, Zappos, and Tide. We’ve also had the privilege to serve many small businesses, non-profits and personal services. Some of these include: Springhill Camps, Hope Network, Our Hope and Amway’s One Foundation.

Deep End Films has been awarded the following Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and national awards: Eclipse Award of West Michigan Film and Video Alliance, and the numerous national awards from Poptent. References available upon request from many satisfied clients, customers, and companies.